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MC. Is it still a thing? What can be done to help change it? And why?

The question is often asked by folks unfamiliar — either due to ignorance or fear — with the history of the term. In particular, this is what I would like to address:

While the term MC doesn’t necessarily refer to only a certain MC on one song, the first time I heard it in rap was when Kanye’s first verse in “Heartless” referred to a “mohawk” that was cut off by Dre. The MC is often referred to this way in reference to a specific single lyric on a particular album, so this is obviously not a definitive source. So let’s go about it that way.

I think the word is best understood to mean “an individual, person, or group whom is of high caliber.” This sounds like a contradiction since it is the very definition of “the MC.” As such, it can be an indicator of a strong or talented individual or group, or simply the sound of a particular type of rapper in modern slang.

Let’s say that the MC is “The Diggs,” a black rapper famous for “Diggs’ Wit” (as he sometimes called himself), and the first single he ever released was titled “Stupid Dumb Bitches” in 1998. Now say that Dre has just created a song called “MCs,” one that references MC at all. What is it that makes it “MCs”?

Perhaps you say, “Because of Dre, there already was a name for who the MC was by then. So it wasn’t necessary for some new MC to come along and replace The Diggs.”

Well let me tell you about what happened to the current “Diggs’ Wit” — the version to which it was a sub-theme:

In 1998, “Diggs’ Wit” introduced the first instance (and later the first example) of “mohawk” and “mohawk mohawk,” and it was a hit.

The second single from that album’s album of the same title, “Empire State of Mind,” hit #1, and “MCs” (as the title was then called) became a top ten chart single.

The third single, again, from the album, was called “The Dreamers” and the second single from that album, the same one as “Empire State of Mind,” hit #1.

The fourth came next

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