What is MC in rap? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easyjet Airlines

MC is my slang for MCS [marijuana], and I love to use the term. It’s really cool that my peers are so supportive of me. I think you see more young men who want to make some money off the industry than young women.

I did a rap interview once that said rappers who don’t make it out of the industry, the real estate, drugs, gangs, they have the MC [MC] moniker. But I feel like the term MC is more inclusive for me. I have a lot of people telling me the word MC just means that I’m pretty good at making money off the hustle.

I’m making money off hustle now. I don’t have to rely on any people. And it feels good because I’m not trying to be a rapper or a musician.

I was really fortunate as a child because you grew up a good amount and got all the money. I didn’t need to ask anyone. I was in a good place as a kid. My father always told me I would never regret my past because I had so much money and wasn’t worried about who I was.

Did I ever think for a moment I might become a rapper? Yeah, I always wanted to be a rapper. I always had my eyes on it. I didn’t get around. I was still in high school. Everybody knew about my hustle, but my mom didn’t.

I was like, “How is my mom not talking about me?” And then I started to think, “What is wrong with her? Who did she say I have to be? I don’t think that’s her thing.” I realized when I talked to her about my hustle, it’s not like I didn’t work hard, I didn’t play hard basketball, anything. It was just that she didn’t like it.

And it all just went away. Her attitude toward me changed. And then to this day, when I talk to her about my hustle, her words are what I remember about when we were still at home. I was still thinking what I was going to do about it. She used to always say, “What are you going to do about it?”

I still thought I was going to be able to make it, but then my mom didn’t say anything to me. Like, “How can you think like that?”

Did it ever bother you? Not at all. I mean, I was always in a bad

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