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J-Lo: I think for me personally, I was so exposed to rap music that I just couldn’t not be a part of it. I think that was the whole deal with rap. I like rap music, but I was in love with hip-hop. So I think that was important. I love hip-hop music, and I just loved listening to it. It’s just like a really big thing in my life.

Riff Raff: I was born around 1978, and I was born into that time in the American culture where, if you were from a certain place, you could go see a movie that was not just a film. You could watch an actual movie that was more than two hours long. And in those days, a movie, a television movie, was not as important to the culture as it is now. And so the things that I grew up with as a child, all of the big movies, all of the musicals, whatever it was, they were, like, the main thing that we watched.

You did a song called “Ribs and Lace,” which was basically a song about wearing that black nylon, and it’s a hip-hop song. When that kind of stuff happens in music, there’s a kind of instant connection.

What inspired you to start doing a rap song at all? Did you always intend to?

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Riff Raff: For me, it started as a kind of joke. I was working on the song “I Remember a Time,” and I was like, “Whoa, whoa, no one’s ever done this before. This is what I would like to make for real.” And then I heard the rap song “Wesley’s Theory of Everything” that was written and performed by the legendary LL Cool J. And I thought, “Oh my god, there’s no way that’s ever gonna happen.” So I put together “Ribs and Lace” and I tried to do it myself. “Ribs and Lace” was the first rap song I did. It was just an experiment that I did that I found difficult to put another song that rhymed with it together. Even my rap was really weird. At the beginning, I was like, “This is funny. I love making fun of pop songs.” But it was still like, “I’m not sure if I like doing this in front of other people.” But eventually I found that I didn’t

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