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Nah, I’m not.

But what are the songs that Suga’s doing right now?

“Boys” by Big Sean, “Toxic” by Waka Flocka Flame, the new “Boys Don’t Cry” song, “Boys Like You” by Lil Jon, “YM” by Justin Bieber and “Cum for Candy” by Kanye West, with all that crazy shit.

So what other music has Suga doing right now?

Well, you might know him from “2nd Level”, “Flex” and “Sketches of Me”.

I’m not sure what’s worse. That that he has a great track record in being a versatile producer (with one of the best songs ever) or that he’s one of the worst rappers.

But what would happen if an artist is able to be both a great producer and the worst rapper?

You know what’d happen? You’d have Suga.

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It’s about the only real option of this year’s free agency.

I was told that the Lions were going to have their final negotiations Monday for DT Ndamukong Suh on a deal that’s more than $100 million over ten years — more than twice what Suh reportedly requested.

That means his current contract, which runs through 2019, is a pretty good indicator of what a contract he’d get in the future. For the Lions it’s not something they’re going to worry about right now.

But it’s an option they should take note of. That will likely be the biggest reason why the Lions don’t let Suh hit the open market for more money.

Suh isn’t even a lock to go to a team this season.

The Lions don’t know if his deal is going to include a new deal that will include him staying for multiple seasons. He could opt into the final year of one of the deals without a contract extension and that would give him the opportunity to go to another team in June.

So you get one shot at it — one shot at $100 million dollars over an eight-year period — and then you make your decision, you say “yes” or “no”. But the Lions are going to be very careful, because the next team they could end up on the hook, could likely end up in a worse situation.

They could

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