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Well, it depends on what you’re asking. I don’t see rap as a genre, I just see it as a sound. I have three favorite rappers in my life: Tupac with Death Row Records, DMX with G.O.O.D. Friday, and I’m gonna go with Tupac. He’s one of the most gifted rappers I’ve ever heard. He’s just got that one voice in his head, a unique style, and in my opinion, he’s the greatest MC that ever hung around. I just listen to his records because I really enjoy him. So, there are obviously other rappers out there that I know of and will keep track of, like Ghostface from The Game, Method Man, Nas. Even if one of those rappers wasn’t as gifted as Tupac, he would be very accomplished. That’s what my favorite rappers are! I love Tupac, Snoop Lion, Ice Cube. It depends on who’s in the mix.

I can’t imagine that you’ll get a lot attention to your album.

As far as the record label and the people I work with, the people who love my music, everybody I work with at the label is just stoked. They love my style as well. I think the record industry is like this: it can be very difficult to get a major mainstream label to release something. They just haven’t been that interested in these past few years. The whole thing’s been flipped and flipped and flipped, and the big record labels are not like the huge record labels of the past, they’re still big, but they tend to have a lot of smaller labels, so I think the big record labels are kinda like getting a little bit tired of it. But all of the little labels, some of them, will pick up my records.

What do you hear from your fans these days?

When I was in college I made some good friends, and when they graduate I just can’t say no to any of them anymore. I love their kids. I look at a lot of things [from my audience] and I think they really appreciate my music. That’s how I felt about this album, that they actually appreciated it and they got a sense of what I’ve been working on. Everybody at the label and everybody at my label is like “yeah man, you made it, you’re awesome!” and I get it. I’m thankful for that.

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You’re a great live performer.

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