How do I sell my first beat? – The 1 Fundamental To Rapping Cole Mize

How do I sell my first album? What’s a hit? What’s a bust? How do I make a buck?”

It’s not always a fair question to answer, though: The market is still incredibly volatile and unpredictable. In fact, it’s pretty hard to estimate how much a hit really is when it’s already been released and the initial buzz has died down.

And even if you have the money to buy a hit, even if you’re able to make a couple of good albums and a few hits in your career, will those really turn you into a financial juggernaut? A big enough payday to help you live off of on an island that’s not the United States? Or even the entire world? A successful song may, indeed, make you a millionaire or billionaire. But will that be enough to get your family and friends into your house? Will that even be enough to lift your kids out of an elementary school that they’ve been attending for the better part of a decade and give them the same educational experience they had during their formative years?

The truth is these questions are entirely hypothetical, and the answer lies in a few key ways.

1.) You Can Make It on Your Own

It’s true that you can make your own hits and get on an album, but it’s the kind of hit that can only be made when you have a strong enough financial niche that someone takes an interest in your music. You really need a hit to earn your break and become the superstar you want to be, which you probably already have if you’re fortunate enough to be able to work in the industry.

So what should you put in your name?

The easy one is “I” (or what you hear on TV and in movies), “I-O-U” (the title song from Super Troopers) or even one of those “I-like-your-style-but-I-like-your-songs” “best music title” suggestions you get on Twitter (you’ll probably have one of these, too).

And if you want to really stick out and feel like you’re making your own money, you can always go the “bigger, bolder and more exciting” road and actually write a song that will make the song of yours stand out from the crowd.

A song that actually has something to do with what you’re talking about but has enough of a unique aspect to it that you have something unique of

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