How do I sell my first beat? – Flocabulary Social Studies

After the demo and demo version, we’re able to set a price on your beat. The price is $0.35. That’s a pretty simple deal. You can choose between $0.05 and $0.10, or whatever you’d like.

I’ve already been paid before the first cut for this Beat! Would I ever be able to get my money back if I had a different release?

Absolutely. We’ll reimburse any money you’ve already paid for the beat or any money you spent on the beat before we give you the second cut. You can try to get the entire amount back if you want to (this is a risk/reward situation though), but we’re more likely to give you the actual money back if you’re actually satisfied with the final product.

Can I get paid twice?

You can only get paid for one release per artist.

What about after I’m ready to make my final cut?

We’ll contact you and negotiate a price for the final result. Usually we’ll ask for 3 to 5% of the final total to ensure a decent profit. Keep in mind that every artist has to cover everything at some point, so don’t worry about a few more dollars that we would normally cover if you’d done a more commercial release of your song.

What if there are multiple artists signed to one label?

It depends. Your rights are tied mostly to a single label, so your options are:

Option 1 – You get signed by two different labels. As soon as you’re released, we’ll notify the other studio that you’re out and we’ll negotiate a new pay rate on the spot.

Option 2 – You sign as many as you want, because it costs money to sign one artist (and pay their expenses). If you’re signing with both a major and indie label, the label can send us a copy of their artist contract to help out.

Option 3 – You sign with three labels: One major, one indie, and none. We’re more likely to negotiate more.

What about a release to another label?

That’s possible, but a lot depends on the song and how many are signed for each one.

How do I get paid for an EP or other release?

As you can see, we can’t negotiate with anyone until after we’re released to other labels. When you’re ready to make money on your own, just send

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