Does rap have to rhyme? – Rock N Learn Multiplication Rap Opening Night

In “You Got Game,” Eminem uses an awkward rap-style rhyme about getting fired to describe how the city’s cops don’t understand why he’s doing a rap about not getting fired.

“Hey now, I can’t keep this up ’till three o’clock. I know I’ve gone too far. I get it now. I can’t keep it up until three o’clock. I’m outta here. Oh no, I got to stop, I won’t be back. Oh, my, man. I got to stop. I never knew it could take this long, but they don’t know. I can’t keep going. I don’t know what happened. I’m outta here. I got to stop,” Eminem raps.

The problem with this lyric is that the entire concept of a city being “outta here” is really about when something doesn’t happen. The city could be in a funk, or the police could just not be up to it.

Eminem isn’t the only rapper to use an awkward rap style – in “Real Slim Shady,” Eminem says about getting laid on the first try: “I got this. Come on now. Fuck you, I got this.”

He continues: “You’d better be having a great day if I ask you and you don’t. So yeah, I have this, and you, man! The game’s got to change.” Eminem doesn’t go into more detail about when things start going wrong, but it seems to be the case that the streets have changed.

In “All I Do,” Eminem discusses using dope for a long time – he even says he’s had a five-year addiction to smack and then he tries to explain how he’s not “making no sense” anymore with that addiction. He then goes on to describe a week in which he was “going insane,” before ending that episode with “fuck it.”

In the next song, “Lose Yourself,” Eminem goes to describe how he “didn’t want to lose this game” that he “thought I was in,” in a way that sounds like he just thinks his rap career is over for the time being.

The lyrics he’s referring to here are pretty direct, though. One of the ways people are losing themselves is by going to music festivals or attending a nightclub, because all that happens is that nothing comes together that night, and you end your life there.

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