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No, I don’t understand why you have to learn to talk. You know, when you grew up and you think about how far you’ve come—you’ve done everything you could possibly do to get to where you are and it’s now a chore for people to teach you how to rap. I wouldn’t say that’s not a chore but it’s a hard task to achieve if you don’t start on the right foot. It takes years to learn something.

So what’s the secret to learning to rap with confidence?

Velociraptor Sculpture - The 4 Kids
What I always want to tell kids is to have great talent and to use that to the fullest. I’m not a mentor and I’m not a coach and I don’t speak for anybody else’s kids. It’s up to the kids to figure out how they can use their talent to really give everyone a fair shake so nobody’s left behind.

I think it all makes sense when you start to think about it like that.

We are still struggling with the aftermath of the 2016 election, but one issue that we have identified in our study is that of ’emotional engagement’. In an emotional engagement survey of over 1200 people, we found that the majority of millennials want an active and involved role in politics. We know that young people are more and more concerned about issues affecting their daily lives, and in 2017 there is clear concern and support for the issues that have been raised in the most heated of conversations.

Despite this, young people are more uncertain what they want their involvement in politics to be, and in 2017, a surprising and large group of millennials don’t actually have any role to play.

In our study we compared the answers given by millennials about what they want their politics to look like. We were asking how they thought their politics should function, and the more positive these responses were, the more they felt comfortable being involved in politics. We found that not all millennials want any sort of role to play in their politics – just over half disagreed with that statement.

We also found that one of the most surprising groups of millennials are college grads. Our findings show that millennials have little interest in any kind of involvement in politics, including party representation. That said, there has been some surprising support of the idea of millennials coming back to Parliament.

Our research shows that millennials are not all in favour of being involved in politics, but there is an ongoing interest in politics by young people. So next time you’re feeling confused about where to get

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