Can the same word rhyme? – How Do You Start A Rap

Does the same word sound funny? Should someone ask that question? The answer, according to the Oxford English Corpus, is yes. In fact, the last word in a sentence has twice as many letters as the first word. (1)

So what does this mean? Well, say you’re talking to someone and they tell you, “You should be careful because you might be carrying some viruses.” What do you do?

I’ve always figured that if someone is making a claim that seems ridiculous, you can bet that they’ve gone through some work to justify it. So let’s look at some examples.

1. “I’ve never been more excited about my career.”

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No. No, the fact that I’ve never been more excited about something doesn’t tell me any more to “be careful.” So, when someone declares “I’ve never been more excited about my career,” all they tell you is that if they were in school, they’d be excited about their career by now.

But wait! If she’s never been more excited about something, then can’t she just be more excited about something else? That’s the basic premise of “I’ve never been more excited about my job.” But it’s a little more complicated that that. In order to “never be more excited,” you have to be excited about something that hasn’t happened yet. As an example, let’s say she says, “I’ve never been more excited about my career.” That means her “I’ve never been more excited” might mean, “I’ve never been more concerned for my career.” (2)

What if she said, “I’ve never been more excited about my job.” Is it then a “never,” if what you’re excited about in the future doesn’t always have to take place today? What’s the difference in that? Well, what’s it for?

I’ve heard this before and I get it. We like our jobs, our jobs are boring sometimes, our jobs don’t provide a lot of pleasure, but they do have a payoff, do have rewards, do have opportunities for progress, etc. (3) So we want our jobs to always be exciting. But isn’t it better all the time to just be a little bored with the same thing? If we are always happy just being in a job, doesn’t that mean that the person in our job is always looking for ways to make it enjoyable?

2. “My husband is

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