Who gets paid the most in a movie?

This is probably the more complicated question to answer. To determine what film makes the top 10 and the next 20 is a bit harder. We’ll use some rules that I think will help:

The film must have $150M in global box office (the top 10 is $100M+).

The film must hit every single one of the year’s big festivals. It’s not just about the local festival; the festival must be big enough that a second film from the same festival is the biggest-grossing film the same calendar year. If there’s a lot of overlap, the latter won’t be considered.

The film may not be based on a traditional, successful franchise. The film doesn’t have to end or expand as a franchise or even if it begins to look like one.

The film must open globally on a limited release, and there’s a 50/50 chance the film will open overseas, too. The 50 to 100 percent chance that the film open internationally isn’t enough of a guarantee for me to take home a top 10 ranking, though I’m always willing to be a bit cautious. For this film, and for “Big Hero 6,” the 50 to 100 percent chance is good enough to rank in the top 10, though if we’re going to consider the chance that the film opens abroad, that should really help here.

In the end, if it’s over $150M, and it opens everywhere, it should be in contention.

“Zootopia,” which opens in theaters tomorrow, may not have the opening weekend numbers of “The Great Wall,” but it does feature more domestic and overseas box office. If the budget exceeds $100M, that could be enough to rank up in the top 50 with a good chance that the film opens worldwide.

But I’m not sure the $150M+ opening weekend for “Zootopia” is going to keep our top 10 list open and running. If it opens anywhere above $50M overseas, it could well be the only one out there that does it. If that happens, that would be OK by me. I’m glad it opens tomorrow.

Here’s my rundown of who’s ranked #1 or #2.

Top 10 Movies For the Year So Far

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