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I just watched what happened with me making you cry, and then seeing you have to do it again.

It was my first time doing this. And, for me, every time I go in the room, I have to think about: What did I want to make? And I think, in that moment, what I wanted to make was this really good piece of work that I wanted to have a chance to have a really long and painful experience and, at the same time, keep going and see it through to its end.

And what I found out was that, by the time I had shot the scene where he was going to turn my arms behind me, it was so far gone there was nothing left to have a long and painful experience. There was no point in doing it. And so, that scene became so much a reflection of who I am as an actor, a reflection of who he is, that I felt very sad when I did it.

What was it like working with Chris [Brodeur] in New Jersey?

I met him first when I was working at the American Film Institute, and before I knew it, I was meeting with him again at his apartment. And I knew immediately that he was a real friend. And I never knew Chris that well. As you know, he has been on a pretty incredible journey over the years. He’s a very interesting guy. But you don’t know him well, because he’s a funny guy. And, of course, there’s also a little bit of the comic. He was quite funny, although in fact he probably couldn’t talk about anything serious when you met him. But for the most part, he was a really nice man.

Did you have any particular roles in mind when you were writing the second installment?

At first I thought about doing this play, as I have done all my work with him. Then I thought about a movie called “A Boy Called Wanda” which is a play I did as an actor with him. And I didn’t see him at all on set. The other day I went to the store and saw him in a newspaper story that said, “After two decades working together, Tom Hanks and David Koeppner are divorcing.” I was kind of in shock. And so, that was a fun, fun idea for me to think about. But, there were other things too. I was thinking about, as I was working on the first one

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