How do you start a script? – Filmmaking Is A Sport

I wrote my first script as a junior in high school, which was called ‘A Little Bit O’Too Much’. It didn’t really go anywhere except that other junior wanted to take it out of his junior year (because he didn’t want to go to prep school) but he was really cool with it. I’ve made a movie or so since then that really did make it to the market. I think that one made it to the Cannes Film Festival (2007) but then a few weeks after its screening, the film’s distributor got rid of it as a result of a lawsuit from its original author.

As a writer, there is no doubt you have to go with what you know. The thing that annoys me about some scripts though, is that you have to really be smart as the script is a written piece and that takes time. In this day and age, I think it makes more sense to do a pilot or a second draft or something rather than trying to write a first draft.

But I guess it takes time and the writers have all the tools that will help you in your writing. I think, for instance, that the more experience I had as a writer before going into the industry, the more I understand how those writing tools work. In that regard it is really helpful to have an industry partner as well.

How do you determine if you are a writer to begin with? Do you think of the job to begin with in terms of that?

As for a job, it’s really up to the people you know.

From what I can see, I’m a writer really more than a screenwriter so no, I consider myself a very serious writer.

Any thoughts on the current state of the screenwriting landscape? Anything you see a need for improvement?

The screenwriting landscape. I’ll give you an example. I have to be honest it’s not really a big gap as far as I know. The fact that a majority (myself included) believe there would be a market now for screenwriting as an Art. Now with the proliferation of the internet, you only have to look in the comments to see that there is a market for screenwriting. So from my perspective, I do want to see a change in the market for screenwriting. I do see a need on a personal level of getting more support for the process.

Do you think there are any areas to focus on to really be successful in the industry?

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