How do you become a filmmaker? – Online Film School Certificate Programs

Do you start with a documentary? Would you want to, would you be willing to do that?

The answer is no. It took more than ten years for me to even do a documentary on my father.

Do you want to make documentaries? There is always a risk to doing it and to do it well. I know this because I’ve done it too many times.

The biggest risk is to go out on stage and tell stories. A filmmaker wants to be a teacher. So what that means is that you become a teacher yourself. I didn’t have to do this. I had the experience of having my father as a teacher and it allowed me to understand the craft of a good documentary.

At some point, one of your films will be made as a book. Why is that?

Why not? Yes, my films are going to be a book. Some of them are going to be a movie too.

Is this going to be a novel, a historical novel about your father? What do you think people will get out of them?

I will just tell you that my father was a great man. My father was a great grandfather. He could go back on a historical document and it would be a very good book. We will have to see how this all works, but my grandfather was always thinking of the future, of the future generations. That is how he thought.

What are your thoughts on technology? If you were to see any future in regards to technology?

We are going to see a huge change. There are going to be a huge changes in the technology. If you were to get a picture in the next five years that is an amazing picture. You can go up to the moon. You can travel to Pluto. You can go to Mars. It just sounds incredible. I mean who knows where life might be in three, five or ten years? There is this enormous amount of technology out there that is absolutely mind blowing.

There is this incredible technology called deep space flight. It is called space tourism. What does that mean?

Space flight is about to change our existence. It is a game changer. In one year we will be able to travel to Mars. It will be our next big step in human existence. There is a big difference between life on Earth and life in space. There is no longer any need for our body to be a vehicle to carry us away from what comes with being a human

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