How do I start directing? – Funny Quotes About Filmmaking Tips For Beginners

A number of other tools can be used to start directing:

For starters, just start with a brief recording. Once you’ve captured yourself on film it will make it incredibly easier to make any final adjustments.

If you prefer a keyboard as a remote, consider using it with a D-PAD. Just hook it up to your DAW and you’re good to go.

An advantage to the D-Pad is that in the scene below, I’ve just taken myself in character as a police chief as the video takes off as it is in the camera.

To get the best footage by hand, use a tripod. Not only will it give you the best control but it will make a great impression of the overall quality you wish to achieve. If you can’t find a good tripod to shoot your videos with you can always use a camcorder and make a few extras.

Also, a tripod for camera and monitor is a must in order to achieve proper footage (the footage will be far more believable if the camera is properly setup). This video uses a cheapo Sony HDTV and a single tripod which is barely holding up.

A good rule of thumb is never use a camera with a 1.3x lens that has a 1″ extension tube (such as an SLR). The 1-inch lens extension tube can easily clip onto a belt, strap around your neck or even over your head.

How do I learn to film?

If you’ve ever tried to learn how to shoot a video then you’re likely wondering how it makes sense. Well, the truth is that it is extremely simple; I’ve got you covered. There are many methods for learning to shoot, but my favourites that I’ve used over the years are the following:

1) Read film books. Film books are essentially an endless supply of information on the use of film, so don’t skip those. They’re not cheap and many of them cover film styles for the different aspects of shooting. You can always check out the film books that I’ve referenced on this site to see how they’ve been written, and if you can’t find a book (or an article covering a certain aspect of film) then you should really look into researching these types of material. Alternatively, you could check out the following articles:

2) Listen to podcasts. I’ve included an audio podcast here to help explain some terminology.

3) Read books. If you’ve never

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