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The most common path I’ve seen, and which I think makes most sense, is to make your own movies. (A good idea, by the way, because you can use your real-life experience to make even better movies. If I had a “real” project to do — say, a horror film or an animated or action film — I might write my screenplay, and then I could get into making my own films.)

But making your own movies is also great. A lot of people who are interested in filmmaking are making their own movies. And a lot of people have made their own movies, and then some of them get signed up for a film school where they learn to make movies that are made by people who actually know what they are going to do. This, of course, doesn’t work for all subjects — it can be hard to make a decent animation, or to figure out how best to edit the sound in a video game.

But if you have just a couple years of experience making your own movies and want to try your hand at making others, you don’t have to go to a film school, you don’t have to be like the guy in The Matrix. Anybody you want, you can make your movie right on your computer. Or if you are at a school, they might even make videos of you making the movie for the rest of the students.

I made this kind of movie years ago. I spent years teaching myself to make videos before I even got my first computer. Before I could even make a movie, I was making one.

But I can’t think of a better way to practice than making movies at home.
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That’s the big reason I started making movies from the start: to practice. To see how hard it is to actually do things. I found an old school movie (A Clockwork Orange) by Steven Spielberg which had been released and already used. I watched it on YouTube, then watched some of the best video editing programs, and then tried my hand at re-creating this movie. I did a number of different edits. And I kept doing it as I was making it, as I was editing it.

(By the way, I’ve always considered myself a pretty advanced video editor. I was in The New School after I came back from my undergrad, and before I went back to college, I edited a number of different things in Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. I also did audio for my

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