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“I think you will find out. When you do math in your animator’s head and you do it on the line, it is a lot more natural. You feel like you didn’t do anything wrong.”

-Miles Jone, Pixar Head of Animation

We use math in two directions:

One direction uses visualizations to help us visualize our ideas.

This can include visualizations (animation) of characters moving on a line, characters swinging on a rope, etc. This is a very visual use of math.

The second direction we use math when we animate objects and movement of objects in the world, including creatures like dogs, birds – and more.

This use of math in animals is actually what you see in the Pixar films.

Moonshot: The animated video below from animator Miles Jone shows some of the concepts behind animating animals in the hands of John Lasseter on Monsters.

For animals in the mind of animator Miles Jone, the concept of “sitting down” or “walking around” is extremely important.

In fact, a lot of what Miles does is based on the concept of sitting down or walking around. For Miles, this is how a dog should move, and for the more difficult shots in Monsters, it is still important enough to animate.

So, in the mind of a animator, sitting down or walking around is very much a key concept to work with.

Now, this is of course important regardless of how you are animating something, but Miles knows animation in this way because he has done it so many times.

“It’s important to see how things move for the first time – it’s important to see how something moves through the world. I don’t really have much trouble seeing how a dog might move in the world so the first problem I have is imagining what someone else might be doing and then figuring out their movements. What do a monkey do? What a cat do? Where do monkeys fly?”

-Miles Jone, animator on Monsters

The animation shown below from Animators Anonymous gives an interesting perspective on animals and the concept of sitting down, or walking around as seen with Miles, a Pixar animator.

What is the origin of animals sitting down? I’ve seen this theory referenced in other Pixar films such as WALL•E, Ratatouille and Cars.

The first time I

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