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This will be a very good question since there is a lot to be said with one. EMA is for the consumer. Emm is for the manufacturers.

For the average consumer these two types of designs come down to the same thing. I will be using the phrase “average consumer”. This is what the average consumer will buy. This is what the average consumer needs. They need functionality (USB, audio and HDMI) without the need of spending additional money for the new, complicated (in my opinion) components that the OEM uses.

One other thing to note is that the SMA connectors are the same width that the USB cables are (4mm) so the USB cables will not be too wide. This also allows for the use of the USB jack as the power jack. If you want to use the headphone jack for something, you can use an extension cable to connect the USB connector to. This will allow you to keep the audio output of the USB devices, and power and ground of the cable going through the USB connector to keep everything neat and tidy.

Finally, in terms of the connector, the ones I am going to show off today are E-Pro, E-Pro2, EMAX, E-Pro2C (with the same cable as the USB cables) and EMA. The E-Pro (with the smaller profile connector), the EMA (with the larger profile connector) and the E-Pro II, E-Pro IIC and E-Pro IIC II (with the same cable as the USB cables). What is even more impressive, is that the E-Pro II uses the same cable.

Emm vs. SMA

On my SMA adapter, these were the connectors you can see (the SMA connector on the left) on a USB type C cable. On a USB micro-B connector, they are the same on both.

This is where they diverge.

The SMA connector on my USB Micro-B cable and the USB Micro-B connector on my SMA adapter.

SMA is for the consumer. SMA has a much smaller footprint than micro-B. SMA and micro-B (which I am including here too because I am going to show it in this article) are different enough that people are going to have to pay different prices. So when you purchase one of these adapters (assuming I haven’t mentioned anything yet) and you are on price parity for the USB ports

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