Can I make a living trading stocks? – Bullish Swing Setup

Yes, you absolutely can – but it’s a bit more complicated. For one, trading stocks entails the risk of losing money. And second, stocks are expensive. You have to sell more shares when you make money because your capital will gradually increase as the prices go up.

Are there any other ways to make money?

Yes, and many of them rely on knowledge about the stock markets.

Can I buy or sell stocks without being an expert?

No. You need a brokerage account to do that. Some of them require a $1,000 deposit for each trade.

Are there any tips I can give?

The best way to learn a trade is to talk to others who have had success with it. Find someone who is a regular user of that type of brokerage, and have a beer with them to chat things over. A professional has better answers to your questions than anyone else who isn’t a regular user.

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What should I look for in a stock market specialist?

Make them familiar with the stock market for as long as you want. If you aren’t a big fan of trading stocks yourself, but hear lots of stories from other traders, try them out. If you like their responses, then give them a call and tell them the stories you know. That way, everyone’s going to benefit from this.

What stock market trading tips did you get for you when you first started your broker?
Success Your Life With Forex Trading...: Master Trend ...

I started at TradeStation and my first friend’s name is Paul, and he’s a big trading fan. He’s also a fan of trading stocks and has a broker account at TradeStation. It’s called Trader Paul, because he trades stocks at a fairly high level. A lot of my trading experience comes out of those two people I mentioned earlier.

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