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BONUS #2: How to Invest Wisely in the Gains of the Past, Not the Losses of the Future

This is the third of the five investment hacks we’ve covered so far. It explains the concept of market psychology and how it’s responsible for making you an idiot. In one, you’re told to focus on the present; in the other, you are taught how to ignore the past.

The first and second hacks will help you invest smarter, but this second one will give you the best bang for your buck.

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The White House says President Donald Trump is “doing his best” to keep a promise to the United States’ veterans and their advocates.

“I am doing everything I can,” Trump told reporters on Air Force One last week.

“I know what we’re doing and I respect the veterans so much and the service of their service. I can tell you the other thing is, if we don’t do it, there’s nothing I can think of,” Trump added.

But his comments also showed a new level of openness. On Wednesday as the news broke that Trump’s campaign had taken a $25,000 donation from the former CEO of a Florida medical marijuana dispensary in the days after the Nov. 8 election, Trump also noted the possibility he would consider a repeal of the department of Veterans Affairs (VA), as he promised during the campaign.

It’s unclear what exactly Trump meant by the promise, especially since on Wednesday he instead suggested the VA would need to reform its own leadership and become an instrument of government instead of a government agency.

Trump has yet to issue an executive order about the VA. However, he has been pushing the VA to hire an outside agency to run it, the VA secretary, which would give the agency even more power and responsibility.

His proposed 2018 budget for the VA also calls for a $55 billion cut, according to an analysis by the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, a left-leaning watchdog group. That total is more than Trump’s entire first fiscal year 2016 budget, which calls for $54 billion. The center suggests the cuts would cost veterans and their families the equivalent of $1,170 per year.

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