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Gesso spray is a liquid used to treat and prevent infection in dogs. Gesso spray is derived from a product derived from the glands of the dog’s anal gland. Gesso spray can be mixed with either a liquid food or a food coloring to help keep your dog’s intestinal barrier healthy.

Does Gesso Spray protect my dog?

Gesso spray gives your dog extra protection from infection. It helps to increase the number of small or flat cells in your dog’s system. Small cells keep bacteria from invading the internal organs like the gut, and if the size of these cells is small, they will not be able to enter. This is called dilution, and helps to make bacteria less accessible. By applying gesso to your dog’s gums and throat, it also helps to dilute the bacteria in the intestine. You might see your dog look and behave better when you use gesso spray!

Can Gesso Spray be used in dog-kennel situations?

No. gesso spray requires a veterinarian’s order and is not for human use.

What is gesso in dogs?

Gesso spray is a liquid that is applied to a dog’s gums and throat by a nurse and a veterinarian. The nurse or vet is careful to be sure that the gums and throat of the dog are smooth and moist as needed. The nurse may also apply a solution of the gesso. Gesso spray contains the right amount of the same ingredients that are used to treat dogs’ diseases. It is used to treat infection of the anal glands. However, there are also other applications that dogs can use in the home as well. The main difference between gesso spray and other household products is the concentration of the product in the form used. Other household products, such as detergents, are diluted in water, usually 1 part by volume or 1 part by weight. For example, a 1/4 cup of water contains 10 parts of the active ingredient detergent. The concentration of the detergents in a solution (1 part by volume) is called milligrams per liter. Milligrams of gesso, on the other hand, are used in droppers to apply to the skin. The concentration in a dropper (1 part by volume, or 1 part by weight) is called milligrams per gallon.
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