Who is the best pole dancer in the world? – Jennifer Lopez Hustlers Pole Dance Scene Ex

The answer to this question lies with Valentina Lisieux. Lisieux, a 29-year-old from France, holds the record for the most pole-dancing competitions of all time with seven. “I can’t say the same to anyone else because there isn’t one girl I can relate with other than myself,” Lisieux wrote on Facebook.

5. And the best female pole dancer of all time?

The world’s most successful pole dancer in history is Maria Callas, who holds the women’s division record with 5,977 pole and aerial competitions. Callas, 45, is the sister of the former world pole vault champion Maria Leda Callas. The Callas sisters were also competitive in pole vaulting but never won world titles.

4. The most pole vault masters worldwide?

When it comes to pole vaulting, top talent is constantly developing and growing. In 2010 alone, three new poles in Russia topped the competition when they won World Cup medals. One of these new pole-vault masters is Yuri Zhuravlev, a 26-year-old from Belarus who also holds a world title with a top 5 pole vaulting. According to the International Pole Vault Association, only four Pole Vault Masters in the world have a higher world ranking than Zhuravlev at No. 1.

3. The most poles in a season?

With only four championships annually, most Pole Vault Masters go through the motions. But the best and the brightest of Pole Vaulters take the competition very seriously. It’s why one of the few things more difficult than getting one pole to the finish line each night is being able to keep that pole balanced for a full competition. “Most of us will say that in any day, there are 10 poles of an average speed on the track,” said Russian and Pan American Championship Champion Alexey Dzhubayev. Dzhubayev also holds a world title with the best 4-pole world (10×14). “But for the World Championships, we have only four poles. So it’s different if the first pole at 8 is a 10-pole or if the second pole at 10 is a 10. There is no control. The first pole of the competition is the best Pole Runner.”

2. Best pole dancer?

If Pole Vaulters compete against each other, they will have no chance. Just as there is no place for a great ballet dancer in a world

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