What’s the catch with FreePrints? – How To Earn Money Using Youtube Video

We know we’re in a digital media revolution, with print still dominant in most mediums across the globe and with some areas of Africa showing signs of being a digital media paradise – and with Print-On-Demand and Digital Print ready to take over. We’re also working to give our customers the best in online pricing.

But we also know that a lot of people still choose paper on the ground or because it’s the best way they’ve been able to save to spend on whatever they can afford – so we continue to give away free paper at no charge. So what’s the catch?

We’re working with some of the best online providers in the UK – and they want as many people as possible to have access to the paper options available – and they’re working hard at it. We’ve got a very clear message for them:

We believe free paper is vital across all formats.

The paper options you have chosen (that are on offer through FreePrints in the UK) must meet the paper prices available by the vendor.

So if you find a cheaper paper than what you’re used to, we’ll work with you to get a better deal as a result.

For example, at one of our vendors I know of, the paper option is £1.60 a page in our area – and we’ve got a freebie in the mail that will get you up to £10 cheaper.

You can find the terms of our terms of delivery here: https://www.freeprintscodes.co.uk/free/pagewebs-terms

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