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Some pictures are too delicate to sell. Some pictures are too big to sell. I am sure that we can find a way to show the world some of your pictures, so you may wish to consider the following offer. In addition to the offer you can choose to have your picture displayed on our wall of fame, or on a list of photos on a website to show your pictures to the world at large.

Why shouldn’t you put people’s faces on your walls?

There are still a lot of people who don’t want their pictures put on walls. But I know a few people who are interested enough in their pictures that they would prefer to make a big deal about them. We will show some of these people their pictures in a very private way, with no publicity. They would also be able to learn more about our lives, and get an insight into who lives on this planet. It may be that the pictures are just too personal to publish in a general way, or to show on the Internet. So we’ll show them to those who already don’t want their faces to be on a wall or to broadcast them to all those people who are in the public eye, those who have made a reputation for themselves, the journalists, actors. Those people who are now more famous than our little community, people not many would like to share with everyone who knows them, and that would be a dangerous process. It is really important that we use our image to get noticed by the public, and make sure that people feel we are very worthy.

Can I have my picture displayed in an art museum?

Our photos may be displayed in some large art museums and galleries, or printed on album cover art. We can also ask the museum for permission to have them displayed in a gallery at the museum. We might choose to include them on some other large art-related media, such as posters and brochures. But there is no obligation to do so. For some, it is the whole picture that is worth seeing, regardless of the medium it goes into. It is a nice idea to allow the public to see their world pictures, and maybe see them as an invitation to come and talk with the artworks, and maybe buy some of them from the paintings.

Some people feel the need to display their photographs as some sort of private “life portraits”. Is this really okay?

Yes. We have some people who consider themselves to be “artsy” – which is not exactly the same

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