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No, we don’t work that way. Please respect our privacy.

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Unfortunately we don’t have a solution for this. We use multiple options for publication. As soon as the content is posted, it should be available to buy from other publishers.

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Image copyright AFP Image caption The court is hearing a separate case against another suspect after other investigations and a criminal investigation into the case

The Philippines has confirmed that three people have been arrested, in connection with the kidnapping of a South Korean woman.

Police said the three would face the courts on Thursday.

The women were snatched from a supermarket in Manila in September, and later found dead in their car.

A warrant has been issued for their arrest. The other suspect faces kidnapping charges after his wife confessed to the crime.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he would “do what has to be done” to get the killers behind bars.

But he said he would not make a “show of strength” in order to get the pair convicted.

The kidnapping is now the worst in Philippine history, with more than 600 people suspected killed in connection with it.

The death toll now stands at more than 620, with more than 6,000 people – including the most senior government figures – believed to have been killed by the suspects alone.

‘Trying to win hearts and minds’

Mr Duterte told a news conference on Tuesday that he had already been planning on making the latest arrests.

He insisted that a special team would be set up to “investigate, arrest and get [the killers] behind bars”.

He called the murders “very unforgivable” and that “justice will be done”.

He said the suspects had not only carried out the kidnapping and murder but were also trying to win support from the local population and the overseas community.

“If they are just

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