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The average size of 9×12 photos with a 5 megapixel sensor by the way is a bit over 2.5 x 3.9 inches. So we have a much larger photo available if we chose to take it in one dimension. I really like having my photos printed to a large size because they can be much more compact in their presentation and the paper can also be rolled into a small print so I can have smaller items ready for that next appointment or just something that will look good to hang up on the wall. It’s also much easier to get the paper cut later than having it cut just now.

If we make the same photo (for the same sized space) and size it as a 9×12 photo, we could create a 14×23.5 photo that will fit into a 16×22 inch print, which is still a beautiful looking photo! I know I’d love to have a 14×22.5 photo that I could hang up on the wall, so I’ll have to go back to my “How big is 4×5?” and “What do you like doing the most?” question.

This is just an example of something you could do with a 4×5 photo that is a little larger than a photo a 16×22 photo with the right dimensions.

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