Why do dog trainers hate retractable leashes?

I mean…

…there should be a ban on their use?

What do you think?

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This is one of my favorite ways to have a glass of wine. The sauce starts with a simple blend of chiles, garlic, spices, olive oil, and a splash of water. It’s a perfect combination of salty and sweet. If you want your sauce vegan, omit the olive oil and instead use a blend of chiles, garlic, and salt. Then it gets a final final dash of the olive oil to thicken it and protect the base. A few small clams are optional.

The American government is secretly funding the world’s largest military installation in the desert: Ft. Meade. The Pentagon is paying at least $60 million to a New Mexico firm to expand the nation’s largest military air and missile test range.

The Ft. Worth Tribune reported that the Defense Logistics Agency has paid $59.4 million for the purchase of the 20,000-acre property, called Tinker Air Force Base near the Colorado border.

The Air Force has said the runway will be ready within five years. But the airport could be ready as far as 2050. It was designed after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and is a key air and missile testing facility.

The project has angered environmentalists and the general public who want to prevent the installation from adding to the desert’s overburden. Some have said the facility will increase the amount of runoff into the Colorado River.
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The base’s manager at the time and now-Sen. John McCain’s (R-AZ) campaign chairman, Jim McGrath, dismissed the project as “a small project.”

“It’s a small project in comparison to what a whole landscape will look like once you’ve covered the existing terrain,” McGrath said in 2004, according to the Tribune.

According to documents obtained by the Tribune, the project is paying at least $40 million per year to GEO Group Inc., a major contractor on the base.

The newspaper reported that the Pentagon also is paying the construction firm, C&S Precision Manufacturing International LLC, $16.4 million to build two air strip “parkways” that will be used for the annual “Air Defense Range Week,” known at the event for air traffic security.

McGrath denied the Pentagon was paying for improvements to the base because the company was paying $15 million a year to run the