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In the dog world, a dog’s life is about his/her family; the family is a special one and the dog’s life is always a pleasure. We are always looking for a dog who loves us, who trusts us, who would do what we do in any situation; this dog can be anyone and he will be your best friend.
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So don’t be surprised if the moment you see the adorable puppy your dog meets, you are thinking “I want him!” – and you won’t get him because there are many dogs who can never settle down for even a very short time.

So what can’t I cope with when my dog has his own house?

You are not likely to be able to adapt. You can’t have one room in which to do all your work. You can’t be a good house dog, you can’t spend all your time in one place. You can’t be an office dog, you can’t be a walker in the street. The house is a particular place for humans and should be respected.

You probably will also find the house uncomfortable and it just won’t be right for you. What exactly is that your dog needs to live in, I will never get my head around that. Your dog needs to fit in at home and be part of your family. To be a good companion your dog is going to need to be in the house – your house, your house, your house, your house, in one place all the time.

And to fit in at home, your dog has to be used to being alone in a room with other dogs. As for your dog, he has to be taught what it is to be alone and it will take time.

I’ve found out that my dog has come in some trouble at the vets. Is there any chance of making him go back on his medication?

Yes, this is a problem with many dogs. Some say there is a tendency to forget something about them, while others do not remember any things because of time.

Usually an owner will have to give some convincing, for example they will not allow your dog to be used for work because the health problem is that good dogs cannot endure it, while bad dogs can not tolerate it. It is also worth to mention that your dog may require medication to treat allergies. It is important to ensure that your dog is fully familiar with the medication.

Is it possible to get a better diet?


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