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You should read or hear about your insurance policy before taking a dog on a daily walk or exercise course.

Dogs can get and bite. The dog owner is responsible for determining that his dog can safely run, jump and/or bark. You may be able to use self-defence in a pinch, but if you are walking your dog or exercising with your dog a lot you should talk to a trainer or an experienced dog walker about what to think before you take it for a walk. It’s worth checking with them before you take your dog for a walk. You can get a copy of the dog’s licence as proof of age (if you have one).

When to call on a dog walker?

There are more important things than knowing where the dog park is in the street and how many are there. Dog owners should know that most dog walkers don’t have a dog walker’s licence. For this reason most dog owners should avoid calling on any dog walker. Some dog owners have got a dog that has a disability and they are likely to be a bit reluctant to ask them to walk.

Dog walkers need regular, courteous feedback. Some training instructors are willing to teach dog walkers about their dog’s behaviour, which they might think would be inappropriate.

If you have not been training your dog correctly with a dog walker then you are also likely to have been putting them in danger.

How should I treat my dog?

The majority of dog walkers are not trained by dogs. They will not understand the behavioural problems these dogs may have, nor will the owner be very supportive. If a dog owner is calling on a dog walker for a walk then they are likely to be dealing with a dog with a disability.

These dog walkers don’t know what it’s like to walk a dog in everyday life. They just want to be able to see their dog and see them happy. Dogs should not be treated as if they were children and should be treated with respect and care.

A trainer should be able to give practical advice or even help with specific problems, such as:

How do I ensure my dog’s food is available during a visit?

How can I prevent my dog from injuring themselves while walking or exercising?

Why is my dog crying?

Is my dog walking around my house?

Is my dog using the house as a playmate?


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