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No. Dogs are no longer considered full time workers as of Dec 2016, meaning that you do not have to be an active dog owner or work as a dog trainer to be considered a dog who does not fall under the definition of a full time worker.

Why is full time considered equivalent to no working hours if you have a full time business or volunteer role outside of your job?

Full time work in the workplace is a legal requirement for workers at the age of 16. This helps ensure that dogs and animals are allowed to do any jobs they want to, for all hours of the day or night, so as to protect the health and wellbeing of those who work with them. Full time employment is also consistent with the minimum age for workers in that it’s the case that most children will be able to do a job they’re keen to learn more about.

How much do I need to work?

It depends on your employment circumstances. Some examples of full time jobs, including working in a store or restaurant, are shown below in the table below.

Table Full Time Employment

Hours required (Exact) Full Time Employment

Hours required (Babies aged 1- 3) Full Time Employment

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Hours required (Babies aged 1-3) 1 – 3 hrs 16 hours 6 – 9 hrs 28 hrs 40 hrs 10 hrs 21 hrs 45 hrs 16 hrs 1 – 3 hrs 17.5 – 30 hrs 46.5 – 54 hours 56.5 – 89 hours 110 – 120 hours 125-165 hours over 175 hrs 1 – 3 hrs 16.5 – 32 hrs 40 – 52 hrs 48 – 60 hrs

Note: Dogs must be at least eight weeks of age to work as a full time dog.

Full time employment as a day care worker is generally defined as working between 8 to 10 hours per day, with a maximum 7.5 hours for each day (excluding weekends).

Are dog owners required to work full time?

Some dog parents, along with businesses, want their owners to be required to work full time. However, this isn’t always supported by the law or the employers’ understanding. It is important to note that the Dog’s Act 1997 does not contain any requirement to be employed full time but states on the front of the statute:

“This Code of Practice (including the Dog’s Act) is not intended to include a requirement that an employer:

(a) require that any dog accompanying a customer to be brought

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