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No. Your dog must be on a leash at all times during your vacation. To find out where you can legally walk your dog, contact your local animal control department (please ask for their number or a copy of the dog license).

Can I bring my dog along on a cruise ship?

No, pet owners are not allowed to bring their dogs on a cruise ship. There are a few exceptions.

If your dog is a service animal that aids in the patient’s medical treatment. For example, a service dog that is required due to disabilities.

If your dog was trained as a service animal and it was specifically trained to assist certain patients.

If your dog is being kept as a therapy animal in a private home and can be accompanied by a friend.

If your dog is an agility dog or a seizure suppressant dog that helps you with your sleep disorder.

If your dog is a service dog trained by an accredited school to help patients with medical conditions.

How can I stay safe with my dog?

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Dog bites and other situations can make you nervous

It is a good idea to let your dog out at least once each day.

Keep a close hand on your leash while walking your dog.

Talk to your neighbor as often as you can.

Do not leave your pet unattended indoors.

Your dog can cause a lot of damage if he is not properly behaved. This is especially true if he is young, has a history of fighting, or is a chewer.

If you are planning to bring your dog into an apartment building, do a thorough inspection. Ask your landlord for help.

If you have children to take care of, keep your dog on a leash while you are at work and make sure he is on a leash or in a designated space when leaving the house.

What can I do if a neighbor calls because of my dog?

Call the police and ask that the dog be turned in to your local animal control.

Talk with your local fire department if you have a dog.

Don’t keep your dog in a kennel under the hood of your vehicle.

Don’t keep your dog chained behind you if you must leave your car in your garage.

Call the dog’s home owner and ask them to take him to shelter.

If your dog shows aggression toward people, leave the area immediately.

If your dog shows

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