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We don’t know if we’re doing it right or not but here’s what we are doing to make it the best we can. We’re a company run very efficiently. There is no profit making aspect to this company and our goal is to provide quality and ethical service to those in need. We do it with love of dogs, and that’s the key aspect. We love animals; we’re just not a business for that. That’s our mission – but you must trust us when we’re saying we’re the best in the business. We’d hate to see anyone else not happy with us, so we do what we do the best. (I know the dogs are grateful, too!)

Are dogs considered customers at Your Dog Living?
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The staff at Your Dog Living is not a salesperson in the sense that they are there to sell dogs. Their primary purpose is to provide service and care. Our staff is trained to provide a professional level of service and care to humans, but dogs do not come first for the staff at any point in time. We can’t ask our staff to do anything if they don’t want to – and they often don’t. However, the staff members love dogs, and they love being a part of the company and it’s mission. If you ever wonder why your dog had to be removed from the waiting room, ask us and we’ll tell you. We want your dog back, too, and it’s our job to make sure you do.

What are the typical costs for a dog walker?

Dog Walkers will spend anywhere from $300-$800 for a day of service. They will also cost a lot more if they get to work with dogs for the day. You really have some flexibility in the cost depending on what type of pet you choose to walk. If you want to walk a Labrador, it’ll cost between $2,000-$4,000 depending on how your dog looks. If you go to a puppy mill, you won’t get any more work for your money; they’ll charge you a lot more. You can go from walk to walk, as a dog walking business, to $10,000 for a day and if you’re a dog snatcher, well then, you’ll be spending at least five times as much for your day!

When you’re trying to figure out how much you’re spending for your dog to come to Your Dog Living, it’s important to put the service and the dogs into perspective

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