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We have been offering full line service for decades, we can supply you for an affordable price. We have been accredited as Pet shop and animal hospital for many years.

Pets (pet shop and animal hospital) license is required by law in the UK. It is illegal to possess or keep any animal without a license

How much is a pet shop license fee?

We can supply one of our licensed pets for a discounted price.

How much is a pet shop license fee?

Our standard licence is £200, however you can purchase a licensed pet for £500 or more, and we will make sure that you receive the service of a licensed animal hospital at no extra cost.

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The US Supreme Court on Thursday ruled that public records laws are not to be used to punish whistleblowers who reveal illegal or fraudulent activities and for other purposes.

Writing for a unanimous five-to-three ruling, the court said the Federal Records Act has not been used for purposes of retaliatory action before.


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The court said it will review its position in the case of Timothy Edgar, the founder of anti-virus software company Vupen.

“By applying the FOIA to the disclosures made by Mr Edgar,” the court said, “the Department of Justice would have been justified in imposing sanctions against him for disclosing to a reporter a falsified internal Vupen document. Instead, the government disclosed it after Mr Edgar was indicted.

“The Court of Appeals, too, has found that the FOIA provides no relief to Mr Edgar, either. Instead, it directed that his records be made part of the public domain.”

The decision applies to public employees who leak government documents to the press.

It also makes the public a part of the court’s protection of government secrets.

It will not, however, affect cases that involve whistle-blowers who use the Freedom of Information Act or Privacy Act provisions on what are known to be secret information.

Earlier this week, the court had ruled that Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor, should wait until 2018 before seeking public records as the agency he leaked information about to news website The Guardian.

That court ordered him to wait until January 2018 before publishing to ensure that disclosure was legal in this case, which had been brought by the American Civil Liberties Union.

In December 2014, the world got its first real glimpse of the Tesla Model X. The “t

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