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A dog owner who wants to leash their puppy or dog must first obtain a written permit from the city. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your permit requirements, please call 844.744.9277.

What is the “Lethal Dog Law of Mississippi”?

Mississippi’s “Lethal Dog Law of Mississippi” (“Lethal Dog Law”) is designed to protect the health and safety of dogs that attack people and other animals. The law requires all dog owners to keep their dogs leashed and in good health. Owners may be penalized for not keeping their dogs properly leashed. It requires that a dog owner or keeper:

Give a notice to the owner or keeper of the animal immediately upon a complaint of an injury committed by the dog, which must be given two (2) times;

Place the dog outdoors without a wire leash and at least 24 hours’ prior notice to the owners of the animal; and

Remain on site during inspections of the premises where the dog is kept.

For other questions about the “Lethal Dog Law of Mississippi”, including the rules relating to the liability of the dog’s keeper, please call the MS State Crime Lab at (601) 872-1212.

We’re thrilled to announce the release of version 0.12.0 of Go-ethereum, the Ethereum implementation for the Go programming language. Go-ethereum is an implementation of Ethereum, an open-source platform for “smart contracts,” computer programs that provide smart contracts, or smart contract programming with smart contract storage.

Go-ethereum is written in Go, and runs on most, but not all, current Ethereum releases.

Go-ethereum has a long release history, dating back to its 2014 launch. This release marks a milestone in Go-ethereum’s development and will be used by many developers looking to create and use smart contracts in development environments other than the test suite.

Go-ethereum 0.12.0 is the first major release of Go-ethereum since version 0.10.0. This release includes numerous bug fixes.

The goal of this release is to:

Continue to maintain backward compatibility of code written for the most recent Ethereum releases to ensure that it will work in the future releases.

Make development faster and more efficient, particularly when moving between platforms.

Reduce memory consumption, reduce

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