Can you make a living being a dog walker? – Home-Based Pet Business Ideas

You can make a living being a dog walker by being honest about just how much money you make, and how it’s generated.

People are drawn to this, of course. For the sake of those seeking to “make it”, the dog walker could “make” it.

They could become a certified dog walker and sell their services for $20 an hour, or $90 a day.

They could work 24/7, with their life at risk, in a “safe” dog walker’s home, in a very dangerous neighborhood with a history of dog attacks, with some really dangerous people.

They could earn a living by taking the risk of walking dogs, on the other hand, and earning money at the same time.

They could even be paid with dogs and not work, and then, if the dog were sick, be paid for her care instead of the person who owned the dog herself.

Buy a prestigious dog grooming salon
“But, you don’t want to do it, you have other responsibilities!”

You want to do it, you’re getting paid to, and you’re very busy with other things.

You know how important this is to you.

You are, in fact, the ONLY person in your family who would risk getting a dog. Who wouldn’t rather not work. Who’s in debt. Who, frankly, has to rely on other family members for “support”.

And, you’ve been in the US in the last 10 years, you have friends that you trust, you would never walk a dog, unless you were absolutely certain it was your dog, and you know you would never let anyone be hurt by someone who wasn’t an acquaintance.

Your family isn’t paying enough for medical care, and your parents probably have no idea how much their kid needs.

This person is making a decision here, and it’s for them. They could pay to get into a “safe” dog walker’s home, and do all the things they want to, but in reality the “job” is about walking, training, and caring for dogs.

If it was an attractive prospect, they wouldn’t want to do it for $20 an hour, but would gladly do it for the same amount.

Somebody you trust would look after your dog, your children, your health, your finances. Someone you know could take care of your dog and treat it with kindness. Someone you like and you wouldn

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