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There are a number of skills that you may need to learn before you decide which dog walker to become involved with to help make your path up the stairs more enjoyable. You can read more about each of these.

We have partnered with Dogs Trust, which is the national watchdog body on dog behaviour across England for dog ownership. They are an authority and expert on dog training, dog walking, and the welfare of dogs.

They are also happy to discuss all of your dog walking needs, not just training options. Please get in touch via our contact form if you don’t know who your local Dog Trust might be, or if you have concerns about how we can help you!

Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust – The national watchdog body for dog ownership

Courses can be arranged with Dogs Trust:

The Peta Foundation

Our training courses are designed, with the support of CETA, to help people learn the skills to safely walk dogs safely, while using a non-intimidating voice and attitude. Our teaching methods are practical and effective, and aim to improve the comfort and health of people and pets.

You can find out more about their dog training courses and classes, including their dog walker certification programs, here: Peta Foundation training resources.
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Other Peta Foundation resources:

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