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“The answer to this question depends on the species, the size, and the species’ diet. For example, the American fishery for halibut is very large whereas the African ones eat a different variety of fish,” says Dr. Bekrith.

Halibut, for instance, are omnivorous. “This means they are capable of consuming a wide variety of invertebrates. They are known for their tasty halibut, which is very high in fat, vitamin C, niacin, vitamin E, proteins and fiber.

“There is also the fish in the sea that are more suitable for humans. They have large appetites, high energy levels and are known for their ability to heal wounds. You cannot compare this to tuna, for instance. It is more suitable for their size, size, metabolism and more easily available energy supply.”

It’s all about the fish’s nutritional value.

“The main component, vitamins. Dental care is another important factor as dogs and cats rely more on the animal’s dental health,” Dr. Bekrith says.

“The body may not fully appreciate and utilize the high nutrition that comes from fish, as they are not digesting the whole food they ingest. Also they may be sensitive to toxins,” he adds, as this is especially evident when food intake exceeds the body’s capacity to process food and prevent disease.

He adds that while there may be high vitamin C consumption in some fish, that amount is not considered adequate given their large size.

The best solution?
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“It’s about balancing the amount eaten. This is why the best foraging method is not a solitary hunt. As long as you are finding fresh, tasty and delicious foods, you will be happy for your pet.”

“The best place to go is a local market,” Dr. Bekrith says. “The animals may not eat a lot of different types of fish, but if you do visit the market, they are sure to have something for you.”

The next time you buy canned tuna you might choose a different fish!

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