Why is drawing important? – Pen And Ink Rendering Definition

Can one draw in a time warp?

If you’re at a drawing event such as a trade show or a con, you can spend all day on the computer and never use the time to come to the physical location. You can, at best, give a brief explanation of the plot, sometimes with a drawing of the characters and a sketch of the map and setting.

What if no one sees the drawing?

If, after all of the time you’ve spent at the drawing, you’re not sure anyone will ever see it, there are ways to find out.

If you know the location of the event, put a sign somewhere in the vicinity of where you can easily find it. Make a note of where you found it, and then write down the name of the person who created it. This can be as simple as a post card or anything you can get your hands on that can take a photo.

If you know the location of the show, or just know what the location will be, make a map of the area. Draw the place on the map and draw on the character’s back.

If you know the location of the characters, put up signs with their names on them that are near where they’re supposed to be.

If you have a character you care about that might know about the event and are out of the city, make a note of where they are and call them. Give them a call at the event or call them by their phone or email.

I do an internet search, but can’t find any information.

The internet has been a great resource for finding these things for many years — for many con organizers and artists alike! It is an amazing place to be, to find information you can use. A popular search engine is Bing, and just start typing the name of the project you’re working on, and a small image will appear. Go ahead and bookmark it up on your computer if you use the web.

How should I handle the physical drawing of the show?

The drawing itself goes in the handkerchief or in a card holder, and can be kept in the same place.

If a drawing requires more than one person, it can be kept in both your hands (although this can become a bit of a problem as the character’s hands get too tiring to hold so tightly).

If you can do the drawings while sitting on the floor, you should. Some of the character’s

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