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In the coming days, thousands of people in the Bay Area will be able to see the first publicly available 360 degree immersive video shot across five continents, courtesy of Google and Facebook.

The public, in fact, will get a chance to see the video, which uses live streaming cameras and audio, when they attend the annual NewFronts VR Film Festival in San Francisco on May 19.

The VRF will be free entry, but attendees will have to leave early if they don’t want to miss the show.

“Our goal with NewFronts VR Film Festival will be to make some of the most innovative work, the most innovative use of space and the most immersive environments visible to a large audience,” said Peter Diamandis, co-founder of Google. In an interview with Mashable, Diamandis explained that VRF was always intended to be a destination experience rather than a platform.

“What we can do at VRF is tell stories about how new concepts in film can be used and how the content they create can improve life,” added Diamandis. “We’ve seen how this technology has helped in some areas and we want to make sure VRF is an even bigger and exciting destination in the coming months.”

The VRF runs May 19-21 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The first piece of VR footage from 360° videos, which will be free to attend, is the film “Shake,” which uses the Samsung Samsung Gear VR head-mounted display (HMD), in conjunction with a panoramic camera and microphones to capture footage from across India.

The second is “The Red Pill” about a young woman who begins to question the social norms of her culture as she begins to meet an attractive young man.

The third will be “The Girl Next Door” about a woman who, during a period of intense emotional distress, begins to confront and explore her relationship status with her partner.

Finally, the fourth will be a virtual reality experience based on David L. Burchfield’s “Lights, Camera, Action,” directed by James Cameron.

The Fifth will be a VR short based on “The Red Pill,” with a young woman exploring the ways her family has changed over the decades and the impact that that has on her romantic and sexual desires.

The sixth will be “Lights Camera, Action,” the sequel to “Lights, Camera, Action” following the discovery of

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