What is pencil illustration? – Color Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step By Step

Illustration, generally speaking, is one of those things you look at without blinking and think, “Well, that’s not for me,” but still have a hard time looking at it. But pencil illustration is one of your favorite things to do with kids, and it can be a real life-changer.

How did you go about teaching your class?

I actually hired a local artist to teach our class, and they were super excited to see me teaching pencil illustration. They were thrilled that I was using the medium, and I think the teacher was even more excited that I was using the medium. My students really love to do this, and when they asked for something to do, what they really wanted was to practice their technique.

Who are some of the most talented kids your class has ever had?

Honestly, there are so many who are awesome. I have an incredible student who is a very talented designer, and another who is in his second year of college. They are great people, very creative people. They’re all really, really talented. They love to make things, and they can take their work and make it really impressive.

I have another guy that is a painter and is a real painter, but he’s also a designer with lots of experience. He’s actually one of the top students here in town. And I have an artist, who’s been here for a year. He’s an excellent artist, and he’s also a really talented designer.

He’s going back to school this coming summer, so I am really excited about the future for this one of our great alumni.

One of the coolest things you get kids to do is to take pictures. How do you do that in a school that seems so busy?
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Just think about the most awesome time you had growing up. Now let’s say you’re a kid living in a dorm, and your parents just have to talk about something, like that time you went to bed, and they’re just talking about how you never eat the same food again, or that you’re doing something wrong. All your normal stuff is all about you and your parents talking about something, but the fact that this is a school filled with kids doing cool things – how would you feel? How would you feel? And it’s not that they’re being rude or mean or anything like that, but the fact that their entire lives are a celebration of something. And it’s very exciting and motivating for anyone to be

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