What is a pencil made of? – Pencil Drawing Artwork Pics

A pencil is made out of a material. Here is an example of a pencil made out of a cotton twill:

Note that the twill has a thin, straight, grain. This makes it tough, flexible and durable for writing and drawing.

So why does my pencil always start to shrink after it dries?

The first thing to understand is that the pencil is made up of two sheets. On the left, you have the paper. Here are the two sheets of the pencil:

In the diagram above, the second sheet is “shrunk” down by the two elastic bands. When the paper is dry, those bands will break the first sheet as shown. It will still be a small pencil, but it’s still a sharp pencil.

Then, in the diagram below, you can see the pencil is slightly wider on the inside. The elastic band will stretch the paper across the paper, making a longer pencil:

Why does it take so long for my pencil to dry?

Your pencil will dry slowly – it may take a week, two weeks or even longer before your pencil fully dries. But it will slowly dry. If you’ve been using it, you’ll know for sure that, by the time it’s been out of the box for a few hours, it will be dry.

To get all the best results with your new pencil, you’ll need to use the pencil before the sun comes up. It’ll dry faster when you’re outdoors.

You don’t have to wait too long for the pencil to dry. If you’re using the same pencil for a while, you can just brush it dry with a paper towel for a day or two to give it a fresh coat of wetness.

How do I keep the pencil from shrinking after it dries?

Keep an eye on your pencil. A pencil that’s been drying out for too long may have small tears at the ends, which are easy to miss. There’s also a risk that your pencil might bend. When it wears down, the tear points will flatten out and the pencil will hold its shape.

If you want to take control of the pencil’s shrinkage during a dry-run, you can apply a special finish to it. This will prevent the pencil from shrinking while you’re drying. It can be applied as either a gloss or a matte.

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