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Struve is an app that takes a photo of a scene, and then stitches it together to make a three-dimensional sketch. It’s based on the work of a group of artists who called themselves the Stereolab, but who are now known as Daedalus. If you want to make a quick quick sketch, the basic idea is to make a picture, then draw a line and fill in the rest with color. Struve is very easy to use and has many examples.

If you start making little drawings on paper, you’ll quickly be able to produce a three-dimensional image in minutes.

Why is Struve better than drawing?

If you really want to do an original drawing, you will want to use paper. But if you want to go really small, you can do that, too. However, unless you can get your sketch onto a sheet of paper (with a lot of space around it), you’ll be left with little little little dots.

With computer graphics, you don’t have to move around your drawing. You may want to move a bit, and then you’ll get the image you want. Struve is not like that. If you look carefully at this picture, you’ll notice that the dot size just seems to get bigger. (There is no reason for this, but the computer can’t work like that!)

Now, imagine if you could get the same sort of thing on paper. It’s easy to make a drawing in black and white that’s only 30 pixels wide, but you’d only have to draw one dot in white for it to fill in the rest of the page. It’s almost like drawing on a sheet of paper: only one size, but it holds more information.

Does Struve do all of the simple things an artist does, including drawing lines? The app does not have line art. It has several modes that focus on specific kinds of line art, which are the most useful. This means that when you’re doing lines, you have Struve’s other modes, which have only the option to draw a line in white and fill the rest in with color or highlight. Struve does include line art, but just a tiny bit of it.

This can be particularly helpful when you’re drawing or painting lines that aren’t straight lines on a sheet of paper. It lets you draw a lot more detail with each line than you would with a straight line.

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