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If you are using brushes to create a drawing, then brush-work is drawing from hand, to hand. You see you can draw from left to right, so I do do. The reason that I do is because when I do do, there is so much more motion of the camera going in the back left, right, then left and then right. It’s really hard to draw a line from left to right. Once you get to 3-D drawing, you have to create a point light, as it’s easier with a hand with hand brush, but it’s always better to do hand, and hand as I also said, and hand as I said.

How long does it take you to complete one drawing?

It’s never hard to do it. It can take me about five minutes, sometimes I might take about ten minutes. Sometimes I’ll take about ten minutes and it will be finished, sometimes I’ll take about ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes it might be over an eight, nine, ten minutes. It depends on the material, and how much time it takes, and how it’s getting done.

What is your favorite type of drawing?

I’ll have to say something really easy. I’m drawn to drawing. It’s just me. And my favorite is doing something and doing it well. I feel like it’s not a work of art if it’s not good, it’s just me drawing.
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What do you use to draw?

I use a pencil as my medium. My pencils are all black, so I have a whole line color, the line is not white as the paint on canvas. To look for different color, different materials on canvas.

Do you use an ink for your drawing?

No, not really. Usually I’ll use some form of marker, pencil, or marker, and then some color on the marker.

Have you always been drawing?

I’ve been doing art since I was three, four years old.

Where did your interest for drawing come from?

It’s really just my interest in life. I always did art because I loved it and I liked it, and my dad did art, just because he loved doing that, I’ve never ever been into computer art. At home, I can draw, but then in my studio, I don’t have any space. And now, with digital tools. And then I think, ‘Oh, I like to

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