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A pencil sketch is a representation of a drawing of the object that you are drawing at the moment. Pencil drawings are usually drawn from an easel or from a sheet of paper. Pencil drawings usually serve as a placeholder image (so you are not sure if the end result really looks like what you are going to create).

In art school, they teach to draw as a child, using their own pencil, paper and a pencil holder. That way, they will never make an exact copy of the drawings they made. They want to capture a moment. So they are only interested in making a drawing of something that is a moment of the drawing.

Is there something you should know when you’re drawing that helps you better know what you want and create an accurate version?

No, you can’t draw without getting a reference point. But that’s why in the art world, “reference points” are so vital. The reference that you get from looking at the drawing will give you as much perspective as the drawing and will help you see details in your illustrations better. For example, if you are drawing an illustration of an animal, you should always look at the photo and try to figure out what the animal would look like with different color tones on both sides of the face. The reference point will help you with that task.

Do you always draw your illustrations from a notebook? If not, do you have what you call a drawing pad?

A drawing pad is a big draw because you can do whatever you want on the pad… You can write a letter on the pad and turn over the pages, and you can also write a poem or a memoir or whatever you want. You can draw on it just like you do on paper (which is why drawing with a drawing pad is so great). However, the main purpose is to make a drawing as quickly as possible and make sure it works. Sometimes artists create a great idea in a flash, which makes it hard to stop drawing. For example, if they were to do an entire comic book in one sitting, that one drawing wouldn’t even look the same as everyone else’s drawings.

What are the advantages to sketching without a tablet or phone?

Sketching is great because you can draw at whatever speed you want. There are more distractions than ever during a painting. With a tablet or any phone, there are no distractions. This is important, because when you are sitting at a table with other people on a

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