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As you may have noticed, I have used pictures here from a lot of different sources. I have listed these to support my claims about them, and to show what kind of drawing you do get to choose from.

“Art” or “Illustration”” Art work that can be said to be an illustration is not counted as drawing a picture to me. It’s one thing to create a few pictures, and another to try and combine them to make a work that represents an entire work or works of art.

Examples are the following:

An abstract painting by the author “Sue the Cat”

A letter-press drawing by “Willy O”

Artistic drawings done in different styles by the works of “Pablo Picasso”

Artwork done in color by George Seurat & others

Artwork done with pencil drawings by the “Penguin family”

An exception is the following:

A story made from images such as a painting by a person “Lester B. Pearson”

Examples of painting done in “Illustration” are listed below. In fact, these are quite a lot, but as a rule, paintings by “Sue the Cat”, “George Seurat”, Pablo Picasso & so on, are all artwork done in Illustration.


Some artists have used the illustration for a painting, others by painting and others are painting by hand with a brush.

Examples of illustration “Artwork” are listed below. You can download the drawings to see them for yourself. I have taken the trouble to make them easy to understand, so that they are not too hard to understand.

“Nancy Drew” is an illustrative drawing by Frank Frazetta (a pseudonym), who is famous for his portrayal of the female hero.

Frank Frazetta in “Nancy Drew”

Frank Frazetta in “Nancy Drew 3”

The character is illustrated with a cartoon character’s eyes, so it’s a work done in Illustration. Frank Frazetta’s drawings can be found under his byline as Frank Frazetta, but he does not have any paintings made of the characters or their design or appearance.

If you’re interested in Frank’s work, I recommend “The Mystery of the Unicorn” by Frank Frazetta, and “The Mystery of the Unicorn: The Story of Arthur Dent” by Frank Frazetta, the latter being very

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