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We use them for coloring in small areas of your drawing, and for small details such as your eyes and nose. It’s also a great way to practice different shapes and forms of writing, or simply as a way of sketching. In all likelihood you’ll find more uses for the 2b than just that!

How do I get a 2b pencil? It’s a simple process. All you should need to do is find a 2b pencil that’s about 2mm in diameter and about 2mm in length. Take the 2b pencil to your local arts and craft store, and ask the art worker to bring one to you, or order it on Amazon.

Did you find a 2b pencil at a craft store? What color is the pencil? In the following example, I chose an orange pencil for my illustration. Be sure to use a very dark brown, not light tan or light brown. You can find 2b pencils in a range of different colors on Amazon. To find the right 2b, start with a dark brown pencil. This will work well for illustration work, but may not work as well if you’re in the mood to make a splash.

Do I always need a darker brown pencil? No, sometimes your sketching will be made in a lighter color (and therefore you don’t need a darker pencil). The easiest way to find out what colors you need is to check out the table below. This will tell you the overall tone or hue of your finished piece. The darker the pencil (the darker the tone), the darker the finished piece.

What do you have for sale here? When we first started doing this series, we were selling only the smaller 2b pencils. Then as we went through this series we sold a wider variety of 2b pencils ranging from 3 to 8 mm in length. We hope you find them useful and will be selling them again soon!

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