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Why not have it as an extra piece of paper too, just in case you need to make a quick note and keep it. I also like the fact that this pencil can be easily mixed and matched so there is no need to spend extra money at the store or buy a whole set. I have a few and I have the black, which fits into the smaller pocket perfectly with little to no effort. All of my friends said that it was the best pencil for this occasion.

There’s something very wrong when the same people arguing against an increase in the minimum wage for the working poor also insist that if we raise it, we’ll all be better off.

What would be wrong is if a group of conservatives argued that we should cut programs that help working poor people. In fact there is a very powerful case for doing just that, because if we really want to improve their prospects—and to do it more effectively than we have for decades—it’s time we put their problems on a much more serious and coherent footing.

First, let me say that there are good reasons to be skeptical that a rising minimum wage will actually help people who need help.

The minimum wage is so low that it often leaves thousands of low-income workers not even able to get by. Since its inception in 1938, low-wage workers have only seen their hourly wages increase by an average of 2 percent, compared with an 8.8 percent increase for all other workers. The median (middle) income for low-wage earners is $18,000 per year, which would be very difficult to spend even if you were really poor. A minimum wage of only $7.25/hour can barely buy a two-child family a single-tray of groceries.

But even on a high minimum wage like some states have already done, a good majority of low-wage workers who would benefit from a higher minimum won’t benefit. If they don’t know they can work more, they’ll opt to be unemployed and spend that cash on drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes. For most low-wage workers, an increase in the minimum in an economy whose economy is based on the supply and demand curves is very unlikely, even if the economy improves. In my view, it’s unrealistic to expect even 10 percent of low-wage workers to get a raise.
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So while raising the minimum wage would certainly help low-wage workers, it’s impossible to imagine a higher minimum working to lift them to their destinies.

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