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One, is when you use a pencil and paper to draw on the floor which is a waste of energy. The other, is when you use a laser, computer or 3D printer to create a three dimensional object from flat drawings. I’ve drawn this with a pencil and used a laser for it and it looks amazing.
Charcoal drawing | Britannica

In the other video, you did a three dimension drawing and you used a laser to create it. Can you tell me how you are doing these drawings?

I’m using the same method of creating a three dimensional object but instead of using an ink pen, I’m using a laser. It’s done by shooting a beam of light from the laser directly where the ink pen would be. For the most part, I just have to lay down a drawing of something at my drawing bench. You can use either your computer or laser printer for this type of project. It gives you more control over your objects than the pencil method. What you’d really need is a three dimensional drawing board and a laser that shoots a beam of light.

What can I expect from this project?

Since the first video I’ve created two new videos on the process and one for this project only. Since I have so much 3D design and drawing power inside of me; I really wanted to show everyone what this is like to create. So, I’ve been teaching some of these things myself, along with sharing it with others.

One of my biggest concerns is whether or not someone with an advanced 3D design or drawing ability can even make out what it is they put on their computer screen. You’ll have to do the work of converting the drawing into a real 3D object using 3D software or computer and then creating the final file for it with a laser printer.

And finally, can I upload this stuff into the internet?

Yes. I’ve been sending my drawings and tutorials to a few different blogs and forums where people are building and practicing their 3D work with an even better quality. I think that these blogs will show just how strong a technique this has and could be. I’ve also created a little video tutorial and I’m planning on a second one in a couple of weeks as a bonus. Hopefully, everyone will have the right tools and ability to make a living doing their 3D work.

Finally, my advice to 3D artists would be to create everything yourself. Don’t rely on anyone around you to make it look good for you. It’s

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