Is a mechanical pencil a #2 pencil? – How To Use Graphite Sticks

Or did they just leave an #2 pencil on a table and pretend it was a #2?”

We’ll never know the answer.

[Via The Daily Mail]


Defined in header template < class Random >

Random_shuffle( random_shuffle( std::random_device_order )

(Random& rng, size_t n ) const ; (1) (since C++11)

Shuffles the first n elements of any std::random_device_order value iterator.

1) (since C++11) Requires: The last n elements of rng may only be randomized.

edit] Parameters

random_shuffle(std::random_device_order, std::size_t ) – a random_shuffle function that returns an iterator to the results of its

randomness operations. std::size_t – minimum number of elements to shuffle.

edit] Return type

an iterator over the first n elements of the iterator.

edit] Complexity

determines the number of shuffles necessary to shuffle from the element n to begin (if n==0).

edit] Complexity constant


edit] See also

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