What are different types of drawing styles?

“There are a couple of ways to style your drawing. I like to go really basic with a few simple shapes and some small things I do to enhance things like the shadows here. Then I will add some more details. I like to play with the basic shapes which you see here and add some kind of detail.

You can also make it more detailed. For example, in the example of the shadow, the shadow is like little black circles which is a little shadow for me but if you put more detail, you can add detail.

So when you add small details with big shadows, or when you make the shadow bigger, you can add more detail.”

What do you add to your drawings?

“I take this basic shape and add a different texture to it, make it more or less different. You can use a bit of one or the other, but I usually tend to pick the one that is closest to my vision of the drawing. Also, sometimes I take this outline in a different direction.

I try to think about it, if I draw the outline to the left of where it is shown on the drawingboard. When drawing it in the direction to the right, it’s harder to draw, or easier to draw the line of the outline on the drawingboard without a lot of work.

What are some other techniques you use?

“If I drew the face in a way where, when you look at it on the drawing board, you can only see the upper layer, it’s hard work to take it to the other side and draw your forehead. I try to think about every drawing a little more. If you look at a drawing at the beginning where I make everything really simple and small, it’s easy to take it to a really nice direction with big things.

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Also a lot of drawing is about composition. If you take your drawing to the drawing board and see it again with the changes, some things might not fit together. Also you might find an issue while drawing something, and fix that later on, or you might have a problem on the drawingboard.”

What are some of the other drawing techniques you use?

“I tend to use some kind of pen so my drawing looks nice. I use an Arial, which is like Arial and Times New Roman. I might use an Adobe, which I find more like Times Roman.”

What is a big drawing mistake you’re trying to fix?